Monday, September 21, 2009

The last day of summer

Summer flew past in a blur , but I look forward to digging and riding this fall. We got a little rain so Birdland was runnin' good tonight and I rode until dark (which is coming way too soon now). I had to have a little talk with Noah. He wanted me to come inside and said "hit one more jump on your bike". I told him "we never say 'one more', can I take two more? Will you say "take two more jumps?" He held up two fingers and said "Okay, two more jumps". I took one more run and called it good.
The other day, Dylan was out there with me and pushed his bike to the top of one of the cruiser tables and rolled in. He crashed pretty good, got up and said "Do again!" That's the spirit.
This little dude was on the window sill when I came in tonight. I brought him inside for a photo shoot which he did not appreciate.
I set him free after blinding him with the flash. I leave for Interbike tomorrow. Haven't been there for a few years so it will be good to see some old heads.


McGoo said...

See you in Vegas, ST.

Davey said...

Noah the highschool star quarterback. Dylan the lone guitarist in the back of the class. Both kick ass at riding bikes. Just my prediction.