Sunday, September 27, 2009


I went to Interbike last week. I started getting a cold the night before I left so my long travel day was filled with sneezing, coughing and snot. The trip out was smooth despite all that and I got to my hotel room and slept for a long time. I got to the convention center bright and early the next day, feeling pretty good. I haven't been to Interbike in a few years so it was good to get caught up with old friends before meeting up with Will Smyth, Rob Dolecki and Ricky Adam from DIG magazine (there's a whole wrap-up there too). I haven't told too many people, but in addition to my current rep gig, I am now helping out with DIG doing US advertising sales. It was fun to make the rounds and spread the good word of my favorite magazine. I've never considered myself a salesman, but if it's something I'm into, like skate shoes, or DIG, I'm all about it. Night two was another early one and by the third the morning, I was actually feeling great. By the third day of most Vegas visits, it's living hangover hell, but the DIG dudes don't dabble and I kept it straight to try to stay healthy. The S&M rail jam was midway through the day and it was pretty awesome. Some of the real "bicycle" people were having a hard time getting their minds around it and I heard some shitty comments from some kooks, but it was legit and dudes were going bananas. Much props to S&M for coming up with some real riding action in the middle of a non-riding event, even though it is ultimately supposed to be about riding. Although I must say that I saw an awful lot of older dudes walking around with busted up faces, presumably from the mountain bike demo days going on before the show.
It was great to see so many old friendsPete Augustin is the meat in a Paul and Bart Dejong sandwich right here (wow, that didn't sound at all like I wanted it to).
Thursday night was the Fit Life video premier, which was kick ass. Lived up to every expectation in my book. After that I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Snafu dinner, which was in a fancy Chinese restaurant. It was the best food I'd eaten in days (Lemongrass Tofu tots? AYFKM?). This is how nice the restaurant was: Video screen next to the toilet. Extravagant. The NORA cup event was after that. I didn't pay much attention but it was fun anyway. I ended up with my friends from Dans Comp and The Shadow Conspiracy and shit was getting loose. That's my old pal Dave, perhaps repeating himself. The club closed and it was on to the next bar. As the taxi's loaded I realized that I was walking distance from my hotel and bailed while everyone shifted into over-drive. Getting older or maybe smarter, I'm not sure (the latter seems like a stretch). The trip home was smooth and I was up for Noah's soccer game on Saturday morning. I rode Birdland yesterday and today it is running the best it ever has. Noah went for his first long bike ride today. Three miles and with only one small bail and a hard shinner. Best thing I experienced in the last week by far. I know this reads like a letter to mom but I'm just covering ground.


Kurt Hohberger said...

It was nice meeting you Scott! I'm stoked you are with Dig now too!

Harold McGruther said...

Thanks for spending your hard-earned evening with us at China Grill, Scott. All my Taiwan friends were justifiably impressed.