Tuesday, January 6, 2009

dig 68

The new Dig is out. I keep getting texts and e mails, about it. I'm in Idaho and won't get to see it for a few days. I can't wait to check it out. Dig is the only magazine (Ride UK too, but not as much) that I truly get excited to see. Especially if my friends are featured and it's about trails. It's a huge honor to have a photo published in it. I can't even explain what that feels like.
I'm in Idaho for work and snowboarding today was amazing. Snowboarding is very hit or miss for me. It's a lot of effort to do (compared to BMX or skateboarding) and if the conditions or the terrain aren't up to par, then it's just not that fun. Today, in the mountains of Idaho, with deep, deep powder, it was incredible. Words that come to mind include: Floating, cruising, slashing, surfing. ass-hauling. That was nerdy, I know, but it really was great. I am beat up from the feet up to show for it.
Now playing: Modest Mouse, Shitluck. I got my Itunes biz all switched over to my not-even-new-anymore laptop and dialed in new playlists. If you know this song, it's starts out "This plane is definitely CRASHING!" (with a very anxious, shouted delivery). I started my Ipod while on the plane yesterday and song number two was this one. I just sort of chuckled, nervously, to myself.


jason said...

Congrats on the cool photos and articles. That whole issue is great.

Landen said...

I wish I could see this damn thing...Good thing I don't have a subscription. God I suck!