Sunday, January 4, 2009

Two birds

I planned to post a link and talk about Snafu tonight, as well as write about the Anaheim Supercross race from last night, but McGoo made it easy by covering the race over there.
Snafu is coming back strong with fresh new product, good ideas and with Harold McGruther more involved again, character and a sense of humor that distinguishes Snafu from the other brands. So psyched on these pedals.
McGoo was at Anaheim last night, but I just watched it on TV. One of the craziest races I have ever seen. I was jumping up and down on the couch, waving my arms around, trying not to yell. It was intense. I don't watch "real sports", so it's okay to get excited about MX.
Meanwhile, the Baker boys continued their week-long BMX onslaught by traveling to Woodward Camp, where Benny learned no-footers and they ate breakfast with the owner of the place. Royalty?

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