Wednesday, January 7, 2009

song number one

Song number one on the plane yesterday was Chumming the Ocean, by Archers of Loaf. A really beautiful song. I relate songs to specific memories. I listened to Archers of Loaf on my April, 2002 solo trip to Florida. I went to the UGP Roots contest (I entered), visited my sister, mother and later my father in Alabama. Lots of miles and good times. A good trip, although somewhat random. A lot has changed in the time since and I definitely would not be making any trips like that by myself now.
Music really plays a big part in my life. Probably everyone does this, but I can remember exactly what song I was listening to at exact times and events in my life. I had the song Write back or get smacked by Radon on heavy rotation last winter and at Rays, I remember very vividly, riding in one of the new areas on my mountain bike, listening to that song. I think of it every time I hear it. When I hear Very Loud by the Shout Out Louds, I think of digging at Birdland this summer. When It's a dream by Neil Young came on my Ipod yesterday on the plane, it made me really calm down and contemplate all the great things in my life. That song stops me in my tracks...

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