Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Slap Happy New Year

Less than three hours left in 2008. It's hard to believe. It's been a great year for me, I am truly blessed with my family, friends and home. I got to ride more this year than any year in recent memory, due to the construction of Birdland, barn ramps and just trying to make the most of every opportunity. A bunch of us took the opportunity to hit up Rays this past Sunday (and Monday for some). It was like a Cobras/Deliverance family reunion. The roster is long and I won't give you a role call, but between Sean Newton's pics here, and the ones I'll upload soon, you'll get the idea...Davey Coop was once the youngest Cobra, now he's a veteran. That foot's not coming off, is it? Here he takes the high road to Jeremy Ball's rare, low-flying racer bird status. The White Lotus was one of three dudes from my neighborhood there. All of us drove seperately--Car pooling is out, I guess. (I had to go to shops while I was in Cleveland). Luke ruled Rays like I knew he would. I picked Jason Burton up on the way to Ohio. Jay is not only an awesome travel companion and really good person, but dare I say, truly coming into his own on a BMX bike. His level of progression is on the ups, yo! The first time I went to Rays two years ago, I instantly thought "Solan would love this place". I feel safe speaking for him and saying that he does indeed. Timeless style by the former child BMX star. His shadow is larger than life.
A lot of us are old racers. Old racer style is about all I got anymore. Still feels good though.
Luke McLotus had a speedometer mounted to his bike. He told me his top speed was 21.6 mph from a lap when he 360ed this Red Bull box. That is hauling ass!!! Jeremy Ball isn't jumping the box backward, he's doing a look-back 360 over it. Upon landing, he changed his shirt. Kelly Baker drove over from New York with his boys, Clint and Benny. Those kids made more laps than all of us combined. Boundless energy. Kelly's not exactly ready for the rocking chair either. James Brichard takes the summer off from BMX for motorized MX pursuits, but he hops back on the pedalized steed with no problems. Good to see you on the bike, bro. James always buys Deliverance gear from me as well, which is much appreciated. The big Red Bull loop (Photo contingencies?) is kind of like a BMX track. The most fun BMX track ever. Only more fun than that. This photo means a lot to me.

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