Wednesday, December 24, 2008


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I've known Chris Hatfield longer than any of my "Detroit friends". I met him at Kzoo years ago, before I moved to Detroit. He seemed a lot older than he was at the time (17?) and I immediately took a liking to him. I've traveled with him, worked with him, partied with him, gotten crazy, slept in same tent, snowboarded, been hungover, pulled over and in a lot of funny and/or fun situations with him. He took care of our diabetic dog, Flair, when Noah was being born. That alone merits a lifetime of friendship in my book. I've also been a dick to him a few times, which is part of being a good friend of mine (ask anyone who is).There is no specific reason for this post, honoring him--I just wanted to give him props. I also happen to have a lot of photos of the dude... (and he loves "The Dude").

Here's to you Chris...


DRC said...

this is a great idea scott t. chris is a good man and deserves props. big up homie.

TBVO said...

i second that notion
terry be the man