Thursday, September 11, 2008

ten minutes of pandemonium

I rode Birdland for a minute yesterday. The jumps are pretty dialed right now. Trying to secure some clay for more building. My wife got home with the boys right after and I rolled up to help get them out of the car. A freak occurrence caused the doors to lock as they closed and Dylan was still inside. Spare keys? 15 miles away at the office. We stayed calm, but during this period of almost panic, Noah let this guy outside... He bolted, of course. I had to chase him around my van five times, but Noah stepped in and helped. Put the dog over the fence and back to the baby in the car problem. Gail is on the phone with a non helpful 911, but I had to get something going. I'm good at breaking into cars, but sometimes it takes an hour. We didn't have an hour. I decided to pull on the little side window, hoping the little lever deal would give way. Nope, the window exploded all over the car, the garage and me. Kids are screaming, broken glass everywhere. Just chaos. Did I mention that this car is three months old?
Everything is cool. The dog is licking the baby's face and all is well in the world. For now.


jason said...

Sorry about the window, but glad Dylan and Junior are O.K.
I can attest to you being good at breaking into cars. Just a couple days ago, I drove by where Modern in Novi used to reside and besides being struck by the fact that the building is no longer there, the next thing that popped into my head was the time you and Chris Hatfield helped me break into my own car when I locked the keys in it there. It was freezing cold that night and we didn't have much to work with. But, you guys brainstormed and stuck with it until we got it unlocked, which took about an hour like you said. You and Chris helped me out big time and I'm truly thankful.


Delivererer said...

Jason, that was the hardest break-in I've ever experienced! It became a matter of principal after awhile, we were so determined to get into that car. Can't wait to ride the new Modern, soon! ST