Wednesday, September 10, 2008


7:30 am wake up late, get Noah and Dylan clothed, fed and ready to go to daycare
8:15 am on the way to "school". Daycare lady bummed that we are late as always when I bring t he boys
8:45 am Sesame bagel with butter, large coffee at "Big Apple Bagels" the name is so lame I can barely go in.
9:15 am Car seats out, samples in. Ten minutes of no-footed skids and dew-greased lipslides on the manual pad before loading my bike into the van. Bike riding and coffee kicking in to bring me to life.
9:30 am AC/DC interview on Howard Stern while doing some office work. AC/DC is my first favorite band before Devo, Black Flag, Husker Du, Born Against, Jawbreaker, etc.
11:00 am on the road. Stop at People's Food co-op in Kalamazoo for an $8+ brunch of a dry hummous sandwich and Fermented juice drink. Not worth it.
1:00 pm: Adrian, Michigan, five minute detour to find the public skatepark. I give up and get back on the road. I didn't have time to stop anyway.
1:45pm: stop at my shop in Toledo.
2:15pm: Write a nice order on the phone and enter into my laptop in the parking lot of Del Taco in Toledo. I am picking up a wireless connection but the orders don't go out. Del Taco is new to this area. There is one at Telegraph and Ford road in Dearborn near TRP. Good food for super cheap.
2:30 pm. Spent less than $4 on lunch and it was great.
5:00pm: Next shop in Lakewood, Ohio. Do my work thing, show them product, write orders, buy Skinned Alive DVD.
7:15pm: Utilizing GPS, I find a panera bread (always free wireless) to send orders in. Eat shitty food but get work done. I am "that guy", talking on cell phone, working on laptop, taking miserable food back to the counter to have it redone. I hate myself now.
8:30 pm: Arrive at Chenga 57 skatepark. Always happy to see Kerry Sayre and Anthony Cico. They have shut the lights off because no one was riding, but Kerry turned them back on for me. I rode for about 45 minutes. The park is still crazy, even a second time. My summer of trail riding helps me get over the crazy step-up/step-down boxes though and I left satisfied. Things to note in the photo are Kerry's new (1980) Iron-head HD Sportster (super clean--I want one!) and Cico's dog in the doorway. I left more stoked about motorcycles than skateparks but it was great to get some "saddle time" in.
10:30pm. AC/DC interview for the second time (the Howard Stern show replays throughout the day). Still good the second time around--or was it the third?
12:45 am: Passed the 100mph hour mark in the Eurovan on a quiet stretch of I-94. The guys at Spring Valley Motors (where they work on my van) always talk about how fast my van is. It zoomed past the 1C mark like it was nothing.
1:25 am: Come to a stop on Ravine Road to let a herd of deer pass.
1:30 am. Arrive at home to discover all doors locked and no keys for access. I tried to wake my wife up but didn't want to get crazy (and wake up dogs, kids, etc). Gave up and tried to sleep in the van.
3:30 am. Woke up freezing in van. Pounded on window, freaking wife out. She was happy I was home (told her I wouldn't be).
Almost 600 miles and 18 hours later.
Typical day? More or less.

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