Monday, September 15, 2008

building the ark

Now Playing (for Kim): side three of Neil Young's Decade (on a three LP Album). It's hard for me to imagine that I rode Birdland last thursday (day of last post on here). It has rained almost ten inches in the time since. A relentless downpour. Floods everywhere. We are fortunate to be on fairly high ground, but there is some basement seepage coming through. The rain did let up tonight and I dug on the new "super step". The soil is ripe for manipulation. Still no success in trying to buy (pay cash money for) clay. What's up with that? I got a new bike. The last thing I needed, but something I wanted. At this point in my life, the least I can do for myself is ride the kind of BMX bike that I really want and not settle for something less. A 21.25 inch top tube FBM Exodus is the basis of my new steed. Longest bike I've ever had. I remember when the Free Agent Limo came out in the late 80s. It seemed so ridiculously long, but I thought "Why did it take so long for someone to make a bike that fits adults?". The bottom bracket is low and the stand-over height is a little more, + the XL top tube = a roomy, well-balanced ride. At least it feels like it so far, hitting the ramps in the barn. I will confirm that it felt instantly comfortable and wonderful. Do I embellish? Maybe. Parts include Terrible One Paul Buchanan bars (8.125 inch rise), a modified Mutiny stem and the seriously over-built Odyssey dirt forks from a few years ago, which put my irrational fear of equipment failure at ease. That is a Maneater sticker on the head tube, which looks awesome but I'm sure I'll regret it after the 20th inquiry as to the make and model of this bicycle.
I spaced the AST Dew Tour but caught the important part just in time to hit record on the DVR. BMX park finals and "BMX Supercross" all in the same program.
Note the flood warning from the Channel 8 news team. Maybe all it took was dirt berms to win me over but the racing was radical, Ron and NST and SAT got a full-sized charge out of witnessing it. Speaking in tongues? Full-speed, big jumps and a real moto feel somehow. Don't fight about it, be about it. Smitty, behave yourself. What, you didn't know it was on? Perhaps you noticed the butterfly graphic above? New old hoodies on the way? Steve Crandall signature model? New hippy tees as well? Deliverance Clothing Company. commerce?


Smitty said...

Ha. Dew Tour BMX racing kills it.

Anybody know of any links to the race thingie that Miron put on?

Smitty said...

Um, before I start any conflagrations, I meant kills it in a good way.

BCM said...

Look how Sensitive We've made poor Smitty, Relax Buddy... I missed it but the Dew series is good stuff.
Scott please sign me up for a Crandall (77?) series hoody in a LG. is that sample size?
Thank You.
Considering some BCM shirts, stickers, Yes?