Friday, February 26, 2010

big dogs

Just when it seemed like I might be off the road for awhile, I'm right back on it. Half way to my destination today, my power steering shit the bed. I called my mechanic the way you might consult a physician "Can I continue on or should I try to come home?" In too deep. Doesn't matter now, PS is BS. Muscle through the parking lots and gas stations. Whatever. If it's the worst thing I deal with this week I can take it. I got to ride The Flow tonight and although my back was not co-operating, at all, it was super fun regardless. The Flow is huge and has endless lines. I only got to ride for a little over an hour, but it was enough for now. All is need is a table here and there or a high speed line. I got both tonight. I have little barrel dog with me and he was getting tough with some real hood Rots behind a fence. These dogs were so bad ass they didn't even bark at him, they just vibed him into submission.

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