Friday, January 1, 2010

Not even jerky?

Today marks the 20th anniversary of me being a vegetarian. No chicken, no fish, no beef, no Hostess Ho Hos (they have lard in them), no soup with chicken stock, no nothin' with any once-living animals in it. I'm sure I've un-knowingly consumed some animal product along the way, it would be almost impossible not to, but my general rule is "If I don't know, it don't go". I try not to be annoying about it at restaurants or whatever. These days most menus note whether something is vegetarian or not. Burger King sells Veggie burgers for Chrissakes! It's easy now compared to when I started. I came in blindly and uneducated. Just stopped eating meat, which is not the way to do it. I am not currently vegan (no cheese or dairy) but have maintained that lifestyle for periods of time. I truly love to eat vegan but I will admit that it is tough on the road. Pizza is good too. Ha ha.
Anyway, not trying to be self-righteous about this or anything, just proud of sticking to something for so long. A lot of people have a hard time getting their minds around why a person wouldn't eat meat. One of the best questions I ever got was a few years ago at a snowboard demo. Chris Hatfield was with me and we were eating dinner with these dudes from Minnesota. When the veg thing came up while ordering, dude looked at me and said "You don't eat any meat? Not even jerky?". As the photo proves, I do eat jerky... Happy 2010.

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McGoo said...

Apparently you eat soy jerky AND you cultivate a mighty sweet mustache. Happy new year, my friend, and congratulations on the 20 years of clean eating. I remember a day about 20 years ago when we talked about vegan and you were wearing leather Chucks. Damn hipster!