Sunday, December 13, 2009

Super Cheetah

The first real BMX bike I got was in early 1977 and it was called the Super Cheetah. It had double top tubes and a built-in seatpost. Perhaps that explains my full circle obsession with this Subrosa frame...
That thing is so cool.
I was in California last week for work meetings. Even though it was a rough year I hit my goals and got some bonuses. Pretty stoked on that. A glimmer of hope, you know? I got to skate quite a bit too. I love skating, I'm just way selective about terrain. I'll ride a BMX bike about any damn place, but I'm picky about skate spots. I will say skating some smoothly painted Cali-curbs for an hour was about the most fun I've had on four wheels in a long time.
Sean Newton sent over these pics. One even has a skateboarder in it. That's Jeremy Ball going excessively high over CJ Vaughn at the Skate Zoo. Rigoddamndiculous. Here's one of me from Birdland this spring. That jump is so small! I also ripped those cords out. I got a new pair last week. Maybe I'll get a new Super Cheetah.

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