Wednesday, December 2, 2009

10 of 12

Well, I officially got to ride Birdland 10 of the 12 months this year. I took my first runs on the first day of spring in March and, based on the rain coming down right now and forecast, took my last runs of 09 today. It was pretty spongy out there, but the new jump and turn revision were running fast and smooth. If you've never been a racer, I probably can't describe how awesome it feels to speed jump this roller and carve around this berm, but it is.
The new non-jump makes the S-turn work better too. I love this thing. The first jump in the background there is much bigger now too. I added to the landing again today, making the gap a little smaller but it's also taller, baller.
I took down the bridge as well. It was pretty solid when it was up, but that thing was like a Jenga puzzle. After removing the first ten screws, it was wobbly as hell. I took out one screw from a pallet and one whole side fell on me. I knew that damn thing would take me out, one way or another. It was an eyesore, too.
My new Facebook profile pic.


Jeff said...

ambition. scott i have a clip of u doing a footjam whip in my video

LOTUS said...

I say we spike our tires and make 2010 a 12 out of 12 year. Could it be done? Yes it can. Ice track!