Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Take it to the bridge...

Dave Rhino came out today and we stepped up to the bridge. Dave helped me build this contraption and we have been sweating it hard. The gap is far and keeping speed is a huge issue. I won't go into the ugly details of what it took to make it happen, but I will divulge that we took some cues from the movie stuntman world (my childhood career choice after BMX pro). I did it first and came up way short. I pulled it, more or less, on the second try. Dave cleared it clean on his first try. It's really fun and I'm glad we can both check it off the list.
As long as I'm putting up sequences, here's one of Jared Ball from earlier this year.

Two other posts tonight, see below.

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jason said...

In the sequence of Dave hitting the bridge gap does he hit the first gap left pedal forward, then take half a crank and hit the next gap right pedal forward? I don't know why I notice that kind of thing but the sequence is impressive either way.