Friday, August 21, 2009

Swan dive

The band Rollinghead that played last week used to see a lot of mis-guided mosh pits back in the mid-90s. Rollinghead is great, great band but not punk rock. To frat boys, I suppose, it was real punk rock and they liked to slam dance at their shows. I would protest by mocking them, resulting one time in a black eye (still no idea where it came from) and even better was the ultra-mocking I did where I ran across the stage, dove off as the the frat-pit parted and I landed head first on the dirty, beer-drenched floor. TKO. Joke's on me. I kind of feel the same way about a pit at a Lucero show, but this Joe Gall photo of Jeff Tabb is absolutely perfect.

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Davey said...

jeff tabb is ridiculously awesome.