Sunday, August 23, 2009

The day after.

The fUNBRO 500 was mostly a success. The turnout was huge (50 +? I never counted but I had to pull rank and cut the long line a few times to get runs), the weather held out (with the exception of a brief shower midway through) and it seemed like everyone had a good time. Some of the jumps got thrashed but dudes rallied and rebuilt them. There were guys from Ohio, Indiana and all over Michigan. More non-locals than locals, by far. There were a few gnarly/scary crashes, but everyone was okay when it was said and done. One thing I will complain about is the litter. Not that it's acceptable, but out at the jumps, there is only one garbage can and okay, you're drinking beers and lazy, so you toss the cans on the ground. Not cool, but not really a huge deal. However, throwing your McDonald's garbage in our front yard is fucking lame and we were blown away by the amount of trash that was on our lawn this morning. Inconsiderate and disrespectful as hell. The positive flip side was the late night clean up crew of Jeff Tabb, John Reed, Miscus and a few others. My boys Hatfield, Fro, Davey Coop and Dave Patterson went to town this morning and made it all better. Thanks guys, we appreciate it. I didn't take one photo during the jam. I wanted to ride and it was great to do so (despite constant back pain). Dave P and others took photos so I'll post them when I get them. Today was recovery day and we started out with a hillbilly motorsports showdown. Fro (on the bike, looking a bit apprehensive) and Dave P. both rode a motorcycle for the first time. They picked it right up (and Dave even laid it down).

The dune buggy isn't ours, but Chris Ballard got it running last week and it was put to the test today. Of all the motorized vehicles here, the Go Kart is by far, the sketchiest. Not long after this photo was taken, Davey crashed on Noah's Yamaha 50 and I laughed harder than I have in recent memory. My wife's pleas of "tell Davey to be careful" were still echoing through the air as he lost it on a high speed wheelie right in front of all of us. One of many highlights of the weekend but definitely the funniest (the Block Brothers' antics on the jumps ranked pretty high as well).

We took a little trip up to Grand Haven. Noah and I skated (I took a few runs on the bike) and the boys shredded. That's Davey smoking the bowl and getting high on BMX. He had a pretty crazy crash in this same line shortly after this photo was taken.
Noah shot this one. I'm impressed with his photo skills. He's a young jack-of-all-trades. Swords, skateboards, cameras, you name it, the kid accels.
The White Lotus' shoes were wet from the previous night's activities (hosing out fires at his "after party"?), so he just shredded the crap out the Grand Haven Bowl in flip flops. He did some other crazy stuff later that I will hopefully have photos of soon...


block said...

no brakes and flip flops? Lotus is gonna stub a toe real bad one day.

Jeffrey said...

I think the late night fire was the best. Yo Scott, tell Ray thanks for the wood.