Monday, May 18, 2009


I know, Taj did this in 2002, but it was still a fun little experiment...
If you've ever had a speedometer or gauged your speed, pedaling full speed on a BMX bike on flat ground (with standard 44-16 type gearing) gets you up to the low 20 mph zone. I know that sounds slow, but it's really about as fast as you'll get. Anyway, I wanted to see how fast I went around Birdland. 19.1 mph is my top speed so far. I'm not sure at which point I'm reaching that speed, but it has to be in the second corner (old first corner if you haven't been here recently) or on the straight following it. It's really difficult to look at the speedometer while riding, but I did get a few quick glances in while in the air. 15-17mph during hang time sounds slow in the motorized world, but it's moving pretty good on a bicycle.

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Harold McGruther said...

Interesting tidbit: MXA magazine editors once clocked the superstars of supercross with a radar gun. Guess how fast the likes of Jeremy McGrath and his peers go around a modern suppie track?

24 mph max over the triples.

20+ MPH on a BMX bike is badass.

Enjoy yourself…