Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Cycle Jumpers

I got this book through the Scholastic Book Club in fourth grade. I was so into Evel Knievel and any information I could get about him was gold. This book covers Evel's imitators, guys like Gary Wells and Super Joe Einhorn, as well as plenty of Evel content. I read it probably five times, all the way through.
All this BMX business for me is just a continuation of that 4th grade obsession. I finally jumped the first of the Mini-Grizzlies tonight. Sean Newton happened to walk up with his dog while I was contemplating and considering. I didn't want to do it while I was out there by myself. It was definitely a mental ball up more than anything and now it's almost embarrassing to me that it took so long to do it. I am proud of myself for not getting too worked up about jumping some damn jumps. Nothing to prove, I just want to progress.
Sean also worked his magic with a camera at the Rivers Edge trails Saturday night with Chris Noble and Ty D. Tidey?

I heard some scary news about Michigan legend and TRP owner Jason Suchen today and I want to wish him a quick and complete recovery.

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