Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Theory Shot to Shit.

When I decided to start building jumps, my theory was that if I built them, I would be able to jump them. Kind of a "master of my own domain" thing. This theory has played out up until this spring when DeGryse and crew began building the "Mini-Grizzlies". Luke finished them up and they have been sessioned heavily--just not by me. My theory was sabotaged by the fact that I played no part in the design or construction of these new jumps other than pointing out the area where I wanted to build "bigger jumps". I have done some work on them, mostly making the landings more "case-friendly" and some general dialing, and though I was not really sweating them, I have had every intention of getting through them.
Yesterday, Team Ripshit from the Lansing area rolled in for a few hours. It's always great to see Brian Block (above) and Sheriff Nate Hoff, as well as the rest of their crew. Most of them wasted no time jumping the MGs and it was inspiring to see some racer-style technique from Nate and Holt Pro Kyle especially. (that's Nate). The Lotus was here for awhile and told me he wanted to see me get through them before he left for work, but it didn't quite happen. I did have two little kids raising hell and lighting everyone up with the hose (not to mention Nate inadvertantly jumping over Dylan). When Fowlerville Pat showed up (that's his cool-ass dog with Noah) and jumped everything without even looking at them first, I had to step up. I cased the landing of the second one a little the first trip through, but the next run I jumped all three sets and that was that. The MGs are so frickin' fun. Sorry, Luke, I really wanted to jump them when you were here.
Pat has style for days and I now have a stockpile of good photos of him. Brian and his brother Eric are among the first people I really rode modern trails with. It felt great to ride with Brian again and I hope Eric can make it out next time.

Kyle was busting variations like it was the Birdland Trickstar Championships.
Thanks for coming out, guys, and especially thank you for the inspiration. I rode them again tonight and they were even better.
*Another Theory Shot to Shit is a Minutemen song.


Luke said...

HELL YA! Knew you had it.

Luke said...

Oh, and what a wonderful video.

rideabike81 said...

Awesome that you went through the big ones Mr Towne! I sure hope you have a birdland national this year so I can come and try them out.