Sunday, March 22, 2009

orions belt

Lots of action around here this weekend. I went out to Birdland early yesterday evening with the intentions of just riding and very little digging. I dialed in the first and second sets, along with the first turn, a few days ago and was ready to hit it. It's been a long winter since I hit a big dirt double but it felt so great (that's why we do this, right?). I also tried out the new hip line and had a couple sketchers that made me laugh more than anything--a downhill berm/jump combo needs a lot of packing before captain fat ass won't sink into it. Felt cool after a few runs though. Sean Newton came rolling up, helmet on, and hit the new set first try. Soon after, the White Lotus and the Grizzly Gang rolled up and went to work on the "Mini-Grizzlies" section, which are already the biggest jumps out there. The amount of dirt these guys moved in a couple hours is just incredible. Noah hung out by the fire and I mostly supervised. All the existing lines and jumps should be running 100% very soon. Stoked.

Note Orion's belt just right of center.
The White Lotus is a Renaissance man. Here he displays a bottle of hard cider of his own brewing. I sampled it and it was good--and strong as hell! Luke is awesome.

Out in NY, Kelly Baker warms up for trail season with a dangerous leap over the drawbridge at home. I love it.

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