Friday, March 20, 2009

New Line Cinema

It's spring! I can't believe it. It seemed like winter was never going to end. I am not one to wish time away (it's far too precious for that), but I could not be happier about the weather. I've been getting in some digging time and Birdland is almost running. I've built some new stuff and gotten rid of some of the silly lines and transfers I had going before. Degryse, UP Mike and their buddy started on a new line of biggins last weekend too. I've been able to hit some of the jumps, despite the ground being a bit soft and new jumps not being packed completely and it feels great to get loose in the dirt. I am super excited about this new line. I took a few test runs under the watchful eye of Dylan tonight and it is a haul ass run! Can't wait to dial it in completely.


Landen said...

That looks so sick.

Jeff said...

scott towne im happy for you.