Thursday, February 26, 2009

Face your fears

I've always believed in facing my fears. I was terrified of ventriloquist dummies as a kid, so I collect them. I hated clowns as a small child as well, but as an adult I've dressed up as a clown on so many occasions that I have several clown wigs, shoes and multiple outfits. People reactions to both the dummies and clowns are often negative. I moved into a house with two dudes in the mid-90s, one of whom I had never met before. I moved in while he was at work, and he came home in the middle of the night and my dummies where staring at him from my dresser as he turned on the hall light. He freaked. Every time I wear the clown kit, at least one person says "I can't even look at you, I hate clowns".
Tuesday night I faced the fear of rebuilding the carburetors on my Honda. I've had them off and kind of half apart a few times, but I got down and dirty with them this time, completing a full rebuild. I suppose I should install them and see if the bike runs before I get too proud of myself, but I'm happy to have a better understanding of how they work....

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