Friday, January 16, 2009

Plugs beget plugs?

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Not sure if it's because I posted his clip from the Deluxe site, but Mark Noble posted an awfully flattering piece on Deluxe BMX. And speaking of plugs, the DK random wrench, V2, is an amazing multipurpose tool. I thought the first one was good, but this one just kicks ass. I have these ridiculous paranoid freakouts while riding, where I think that my front wheel is loose. I will stop riding, find a tool and check the nuts. Probably not a bad idea, but it is also a little neurotic. Check your nuts!
I did a Detroit loop yesterday, culminating with fun session at Modern. I really love that place and it is always good to see the crew. Driving home was not very awesome though. It was -5, my windshield was iced-up on the inside and the roads were just gnar gnar.
I made it.
PS Facebook sucks

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