Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The New Modern

Wow. I got to ride the new Modern last night. It exceeded all my hopes and expectations. It has everything from the old park, plus a bunch of new stuff. Sure, you can always find a gripe (the landing on the box is too mellow), but overall it is fanfuckinintastic. I haven't ridden for three hours straight in a long time. It was great to see a lot of the old crew as well. Dudes definitely came out of the woodwork. Randy Rogus. I didn't take any photos, but Sean Newton Brotography, Tyler D and Jeremy Ball attended the Sunday sesh. Here are some shots:that's Jeremy, with a 270 over the world's greatest hip. Check that product placement on Jason Burton. It was some Twilight Zone kinda shit to ride that hip again. I don't want to be a claimer, but opening day of the original Vans park in 2002, which was a skate session where they allowed bikes in for a little while, I jumped that hip. I know no one else did that day, and it was opening day. That's all I'm saying.
Tyler is a mission lately. How beautiful is this? He just got a flow deal going with Diamond Back. Congratulations to him.

Even better than a free frame, Congratulations to Solan Foster and family on the birth of their new daughter! She was born on Monday and is 21 inches long and healthy. That's all the info I have. Here name is Styley Tables Foster. Maybe not.

202.6. I'm down a pound already.


ty_deschaine said...
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ty_deschaine said...

Styley Tables... that isn't half bad... and thanks for the congrats, wouldn't have happened without ya.