Sunday, November 9, 2008


Here are a couple shots of Rusty Keys from the Grizzlies Trail Jam a week ago. Rusty is a bad ass. He had a few runs leading up to this first one over the biggins that were kinda sketchy, but when he committed, it was all backside, baby. The same can't be said for his attempt at the last set, but damn, dude, them shits is big.
It's difficult to say weather Rusty is super stoked or just really relieved that he made it over. Look at how nice the weather was.
The weather has officially shit the bed. I got to ride Birdland for a bit on Friday afternoon. The line of dark grey clouds inching their way in from the west just looked like crappy weather, even though the sun was holding out for the time. Two days later, there is snow on the ground and cabin fever is already setting in.
After months of limping along with my old dilapidated computer, I finally bit the bullet and bought a new one. I couldn't really afford it, but as important as a functioning computer is for work, I couldn't really afford not to, either.
I'm hitting the road tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get to ride Louisville and anything else along the way. It's up to Ma Nature.

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