Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Polaroid of Now

Cell phone photos are the new Polaroid. Except they are generally better quality and don't cost over a dollar a piece and you don't have to shake them to get them to develop. It's no wonder the Polaroid camera and film are no longer in production. I use to love Polaroids. I have a bunch of photos that I always tell myself I'm going to scan. Soon?
I wish I still had these hats for sale.
Those beanies were the scariest Deliverance investment ever. I didn't get to see the hat or really even know what it would look like, I had to order a shitload of them and pay in advance. I don't know who bought them all but they are long gone. I wore this one tonight while riding the barn ramps. I built up my old PW Moto, thanks to McGoo at Snafu and his recent giant care package of parts. I have an Odyssey freecoaster with a ton of play in it and front brakes installed. I did nose picks on the quarter and 360 front wheel pivots tonight after a king can of cheerleader beer (Coors Light). It was fun. I rode Birdland on my freeride bike yesterday. The dirt was frozen and there was snow on a lot of it, but it wasn't too deep. I didn't jump the bigger stuff but it was good to breathe some fresh (extremely cold) air. My pedals kept icing up, which was sketchy.
One thing I want to add is that it means the world to me to be connected to so many of my friends through this silly blog. Between the comments and e mails the feedback is great and it's an indirect way of maintaining friendships. Sean Rakos e mailed me out of nowhere today and it is great to hear from him. Smitty rarely e mails me but I feel like I just talked to him. I now know that PJ rollerskated at Cosmic Waves (as did I!). For whatever reason, my e-mails to McGoo don't seem to go through, but he posts lots of comments. Between his blog and comments on mine I feel like we are hanging out together (Wow, I'm pushing it now). My wife was looking at the Vanish Kalamazoo pics and pointed out that the tall building with the windows blown out from the tornado is where she currently works. Crazy. Anyway, please keep the communication going, I appreciate it and value all of my friendships, new, old and yet-to-be-developed.


Anonymous said...

Nick Periso has one of those hats and i envy him for it. ive always wanted one, maybe a remake...?

Tyler Deschaine

Landen said...

I <3 Scott Towne. Mentor to me whether you want to believe it or not. I look up to you and all that you stand for. Keep on keepin on!

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Smitty said...

Great, there's those damn Nike pimps again.

Hey, I should have e-mailed to say I got my crandyman sweatshirt and whatever you call the new T. Thank you for the extra stickers and stuff!

I've always enjoyed your writing, and really appreciate that you make the effort to get something new on the blog like every day. You keep blogging, I'll keep reading.