Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beat the clock

My job allows me to ride lots of different skateparks while I'm out on the road. I'm very fortunate and I credit still riding as much as I do at this age to being a road rep. Unfortunately, the confines of time often make these sessions shorter than I would like or very difficult to make happen. Today was a prime example. I had to go to Columbus, Ohio. "Great, I can go the The Flow". I did my pre-trip research and discovered that The Flow is closed on Mondays. Shit. I was running late at my shops but got done what I needed to. It was 8 pm. My options were limited. I have to be in Dayton, southwest of where I was, in the morning. Find a Super 8 and drink beer by myself (nothing new there). I texted Catfish on the outside chance that we could ride the System warehouse again, knowing it was a longshop that he would be in town (he was in Texas). OR, I could drive to Florence, Kentucky, two hours from where I was (and an hour south of Dayton) and make it to Ollies. I punched the address into the GPS and gunned it south. As I was leaving Columbus, it gave me an ETA of 10:07 pm (I had researched this as well and learned that they were open until 11). I kept the hammer down and effectively beat the clock as I made my way down the road. By the time I crossed the Ohio/Kentucky border the time machine told me 10:02. I was on my bike by 10:10 and it was great. Ollies is super fun. Biker Ben and Bud Dickman from Toledo were there. I didn't recognize Ben because he is like a foot taller than the last time I saw him. Time flies. I love the hips and the flow of that place.
Ashley, Ohio, dirty smiley face. Creepy? Don't worry, I'm in a Super 8 drinking beer by myself now.


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jason said...

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