Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Boxing Day

I thought Boxing Day was politically based, but my research tells me it has nothing to do with politics or election. Regardless, I took a holiday today to do some serious bike riding with my old pal Turbo Todd Britton. We started the day off by riding Birdland. The jumps are running great and the new warm-up line is just that (unlike "Grandpa Mountain", one of the harder lines to get through). Turbo got through all of it and was definitely stoked.
It was great to have a riding partner and an excuse to ride for more than my usual 20 minutes.
I still have a couple things I want to build before the ground freezes, but the newer jumps are already my favorites.
After that, we headed north to Cannonsburg Ski area to ride the "Freeride" mountain bike set up. We rode this place last year and it was fun but they built even more obstacles and jumps this season. I don't want to complain about having an awesome, free-for-all place to ride like this, but whoever builds the jumps could use a couple pointers. For one, you don't dig giant holes right next to the jumps and especially on the outside of berms. After a test run on a giant bomb-drop roll-in, I did a full OTB into a poorly placed hole and combat rolled down the hill. It was kind of fun but it hurt and it wouldn't have happened if the construction were better thought out.
Here's Todd on the super fun drop off "bridge out" obstacle that leads into a long, winding, super fun moto line.
As we were leaving, I was stunned to see this:
A true-to-form, '66 era Batmobile! Batman is my favorite and I couldn't believe I was following this thing down the road. I hope Solan sees this, I know he loves Batman too...
Days like today aren't going to happen much more for a long, cold time. I feel very blessed that I was able to spend most of the day on my bike. I did do some work though...and voted. Ralph Nader?

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