Wednesday, October 22, 2008


For the first time in my almost twelve years as a traveling sales rep, I ran out of gas. On the Ohio Turnpike, no less. If you've traveled down this highway, you know that gas stops are few and far between. My gas light came on right before one of the big plazas and I said to myself "you got this" in regards to the distance until the next one. Apparently not. Verizon Roadside Assistance got me back in motion (two hours later), but I was too sketched out to sit on the side of the highway. I chilled in the grass and read a book, of all things. It was a nice night.

I got to Rays in time to ride my Mountain Bike for an hour or so (it was opening night and not a BMX night). My back has been bothering me since the Fall Nationals so taking it easy on the MTB, along with suspension, made for a mellow, fun session.
I spent Saturday and Sunday doing work stuff, including attending this snowboard event. Dudes were landing on the grass and eating crap almost every time. It was rough.

I got back to Rays on Sunday afternoon for the BMX session and it was awesome. Last time I wrote about tears of joy welling up from the awesome runs. This time it was tears of pain from my back, but it didn't seem to get worse as the night progressed. I love that place.

Steven Crandall at Baker's Acres. Apparently Steve took a digger and jammed his wrist shortly after this was taken.

It's hard to believe that a little over a week ago, it was almost 80 degrees out here. Frosty landscape, taken this morning. I really jacked up my back on Monday, trying out a little set from the new roll-in. I need to take it easy for a bit.

Taken from the Matt Newman slideshow on the Veteran site...

This is the Kal-Haven trail. It starts downtown Kalamazoo and goes all the way to Lake Michigan. It passes right near my house. I rode it home yesterday after dropping my van off.

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Smitty said...

That's a great shot of Crandall...

your gas story reminds me of an 81 Fairmont I used to drive. Gas Gage was busted. I would keep a log of every time I filled up, but let me tell you, estimating gas milage is an inexact science, especially when you are young and just trying to get by on like $4 worth of gas....