Friday, September 5, 2008

totally sweet

This is awesome. I found that via the Fly bikes site. I'll tell you what else is awesome, Jeff DeGryse, UP Mike and Steamer Dan showing up at my house tonight with buckets and tubs of clay and shovels to dial in the Birdland lips. I had already been working on them since we got a bunch of rain yesterday, but those dudes went to work. It was pitch black when they left and I was in the house, chilling. I can't wait to see what they did. Thanks, dudes, that was huge. That's UP from last Saturday. Already a week ago? time flies. Also, I'm glad to see the poll getting some action. Tan meat?


Jeffrey said...

Look at those haggard axle studs! Where the hell is the grizz?
U.P. Chawless is a wInKEr!

Smitty said...

where's the chrome button in that bike designer?