Sunday, September 7, 2008


Today was Noah Simon Towne's 3rd birthday. We celebrated by going to Target to buy a WWE wrestling ring like the Baker's kids had when they were here, going to the Allegan County Fair (he's tall enough for a lot of the sketchy ass rides now) and by taking a ride on this, a gift from the Bakers. The Honda MR 50 was the bike of my childhood dreams. I can't believe I finally have one, even if I am a hundred pounds over the weight limit. Kelly told me it hadn't run in fifteen years. With a new spark plug, gas and oil, I had it running in fifteen minutes. That is a puff of 2-cycle smoke coming out of the exhaust in the pic. Noah absolutely loves it. We've cruised many laps in the last couple days on it. I rode Birdland tonight. The first set, with the imported clay from UP Mike and DeGryse, is amazing. So good. Completely unphased after ten laps. Normally, the big knobby on the front of my bike breaks the lips up, but it didn't have a dent in it. The new hip is definitely my favorite jump and I will go so far as to state that the jumps were the most perfect tonight that they have ever been.... Construction of "UB" (upper Birdland) has begun as well. Bring on Old Man Autumn.


BCM said...
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BCM said...

Whoa crazy comment gliche???
I said, WOW! You were GIVEN an MR50? I always wanted one too. Post a video sometime.

I also remember the Greg Grubbs coaster wheelies, however they still didn't compare to how steep you could get with a worn in coaster brake.

Delivererer said...

Kim, I didn't remove any comments. that's weird. Funny you would mention a video, I am working on one but it lacks a bit of subject matter... Bob Haro had the CB coaster wheelies down.

BCM said...

I think I did but it all happened so fast, I'm still reeling from it?

McGoo calls that bike Mister Fifty.

Remember a photo of Bob on a 26"Cruiser Class coastin a steep wheelie? I have to go see him soon I'll bug him about it.

Delivererer said...

I was thinking of that photo of BH when I wrote that. Coaster wheelies, "up-style" airs and beautiful slider roll-backs. Haro influence foreva!