Sunday, June 20, 2010


If you know how to throw a Rockford in your car, you are bad ass. A gold Firebird is the optimal vehicle for said maneuver.
The Vintage BMX event at the Rockford, Illinois ABA BMX national was a really big deal to me for a few years there. Vanloads of dudes, trailers full of old (and new) bikes, three days out, party time, yeah yeah yeah. I haven't been in a few years but I did make a day of it yesterday. Some cool old bikes and a great presentation by the legendary photographer Windy Osborn at the banquet, but mostly nothing extraordinary. This dude was awesome. He must have shot a thousand photos and his crew was running hot all day. They had some dialed, shiny bikes too. I wanted to talk to them but they didn't really speak English. I wish I could have harnessed some of their enthusiasm. A long ass day and night but a good time. Riding Birdland tonight was a better hour spent anytime though...

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Jenny said...

My chewy Kuwi buddy. Loved them all!