Sunday, June 13, 2010

the Silver Fox

Crazy week of California dreamin', Rhymin' and schemin' and Dirt Jump screaming. My plane landed from LA on Friday night and I left first thing saturday morning for Chicago for the Red Bull Stomping Grounds event. Rain made it rush rush (Fro Ardelean staying dry) but the course was rad and the riding was insane. Here's a quick pic of the Blue Falcon, styling it out over a retired and buried taxi. Watching Brian Foster ride is a sight to behold. I stopped at System Cycle/DK a few weeks ago per the request of my old buddy Jered Raflik. I left with this bike in my van. Yes, it has suspension front and rear. Jered restored and dialed this bike to perfection (I sawed the reflector mount off the rear frame loop and painted that spot, but it's Jered's spec otherwise). Not only is this bike a crazy piece of early BMX history, it's the same brand and nearly identical to my first ever BMX bike, which I got for Christmas, 1976.

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