Saturday, May 22, 2010

On Tour...

The Etnies BMX team rolled through this past week, first at Ollies in Florence, KY and two nights ago at Modern in Royal Oak, MI. I got my camera out in Kentucky, only to realize my battery was plugged into the charger in Michigan. No photos from Kentucky, but Joe Gall remembered his battery and photography skills, so here goes: Brian Stewart lets 'em fly.

Sergio Layos has long been a favorite of mine. It was a pleasure to watch his flowing style in action.
Stewey again, bonking the heater duct. I saw Morgan Wade hit this same duct, mid-flair, with his back wheel. He dropped from the sky, but laughed it off.
Speaking of Morgan, he flew in right before the Modern stop and went right to work. This huge transfer is one of four ridiculous, hauling ass dot-connections he made. Morgan is a beast.

Corey Martinez let loose with a bevy of technical up moves, include this up Smith to bars on the very long and tall ledge. Autograph sesh. The Detroit kids were amped! Tony Hamlin, Aaron "mob scene" Ross, Brian Kachinsky and Jamie Bestwick were all on board as well. Good times and heavy shredding. Now, go buy some Etnies!

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