Monday, May 3, 2010

new lid

I got a new helmet. I've been rocking the same shitty, grimy, dirty old helmets for so long. Besides a couple wacky lids I've acquired through my rep gig (none of which I used more than a couple times), this is the first new helmet I've had in almost ten years. It's Bucky Lasek Pro Model Pro Tec. The plastic is softer so the shell flexes more, which allows it to fit my gigantic melon. The funny part? The last new helmet I bought was also a Bucky Lasek Pro Model (for the same reason).
I had a great session at Birdland last night. I jumped the new set, which is pretty big by my standards, but couldn't pull the trigger on the next set. I think the lip is too steep. It dawned on me as I started stressing about jumping it that it was the five year anniversary of my crash in Dearborn where I landed on my head and shoulder, resulting in a level 5 shoulder separation and mental scaring that was off the charts. I didn't let the harsh memories get into my head too much and rode until it was dark. I can't describe how much satisfaction I get out of riding those jumps. Standing in line at the store to buy a couple beers afterward, dirty (probably more from mowing the lawn earlier) and soaked with sweat, with a big grin on my face. Each person I saw, all I could think was how much they were missing. If they only knew what I had just finished doing. Not that they would be impressed with my riding, just that what I experienced had to be better than anything anyone else did on their Saturday evening. I wouldn't trade it for anything...


OrangeWoods said...

Ride On Towne

Anonymous said...

ahmen. I always find it funny stopping into a public place after a day at the trails, shoes caked in dirt and mud, clothing all dirty, and hair a mess with sweat, I wonder what people are thinking. It would appear to most people that i just got my shit kicked in. Cant wait to get to Birdland this summer.