Wednesday, May 26, 2010

shout out louds

No one wants to get the text that says "Hey man, big favor, can you help me move a refrigerator on your only day off?" To compound this inquiry, the question really means "Can you help me move one refrigerator out, load it in a truck I don't have, drive it to Detroit, load out another, load this one in, drive back here (2.5 hours each way) then load this one in to my house?" Dave Rino not only graciously agreed, but volunteered his Dad's truck, saving me renting one and making it all that much less a hassle. Dave rarely gets on the line, so I'm not kissing his digital ass, but dude deserves a man hug and major props. The return on the favor? "Will we be able to ride?" An Ann Arbor public trails super sweat half hour on the way out and a slightly less sweltering hour at TRP on the way back. I must give Jason Suchan a shout out too, as TRP is better than ever. New jumps and hips and the box line is big and wide. So fun. I wish I lived closer. Correction, I wish TRP were closer to here. Bike friendly, no questions asked, and bike-specific builds. The stuff in the "skate room" is better than ever too. Support BMXers who support you. And shit. Yeah.
PS The refrigerator we spent the entire day acquiring is approximately .375 inches too wide for its allotted space between two permanent cabinets.

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block said...

don't you have a house close to trp?