Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Danny Magoo Chandler

Danny "Magoo" Chandler (not to be confused with McGoo of Snafu/Biltwell) was one of my favorite motocross racers as a kid, along with the likes of Bob "Hurricane" Hannah and Marty Smith. Watching the US Grand Prix of Motocross on ABC's Wild World of Sports was a huge inspiration for me and fueled my obsession for BMX and the importance of style. Magoo had wild style and was known for his crazy jumping antics. He was paralyzed in the mid 80s but his legacy and influence have lived on.
He passed away yesterday. God Speed Magoo.

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Matt said...

scott- a sad day for us all.

oh sure- decoster and roberts were inspirations...

but danny was an entertainer, a hell of a rider, and he made us proud to be NorCal.

he will be missed.