Friday, March 5, 2010

Friends, Brother and Mates?

Definitely not spring yet but I pretended it was today. Sweatshirt only and a delicious tofu/veggie swath cooked on the grill. Damn it was good, too.
It was very weird to be building up a non-FBM bike today. I haven't really worked on bicycles much lately and it was refreshing to easily assemble a complete bike in just over an hour. Working on rusty, 35 year old motorcycles doesn't go nearly as effortlessly. The BSD Forever frame fits all my requirements in terms of geometry and is very clean. I've wanted a bike with a built in seatpost clamp since the JMC Darrell Young came out in '84 and I finally got it. I rode it at Kzoo for a bit and it felt great, although the S&M event at Rays would have been a more thorough christening.
Back to the FBM part...I consider myself an FBM Lifer, whether I'm riding an FBM bike or not. Crandall is a good friend of mine (I talk to him more than my parents) and I know he understands what this change is all about. My involvement with Krafty Bike Distribution is a good opportunity to contribute more to BMX. At a glance, it may seem like I'm taking, but I really want to help this project grow organically, adding other core brands to the mix and helping these smaller companies find their way to the shops. The underdogs will rise up!

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