Sunday, January 3, 2010


It was my father-in-law Ray's birthday today. Happy birthday, buddy. In other Ray related events, a crew of us rolled up on the other Ray's in Cleveland last week for BMX biking.
Benny and Clint Baker. These two rode all the way from Central New York with their old man, then rode non-stop for three days straight. And when I say "non stop", I'm not kidding... Benny, straight out of BMX Action magazine.
Clint, crossin' it up for the camera. This kid ain't afraid of nothin'. He was rolling into and through the gigantic big line in the jump room. Stunning. Pops Baker, charging the DK wall on the monster hip. This photo does no justice to the size of this. This photo of Solan's table shows it a little better, but this whole section is just whopper. I didn't even ride it. Davey Coop rode down with SF and was blasting the shit out of everything (as usual). Genuine BMX legends. My favorite shot of the whole trip. KB gets his moto in gear.
Jason Burton was also there with his whole family, which was really cool to see. My whole family was sick for the days leading up to this trip (even postponed it by a day) and I felt really crummy the entire time. I honestly felt like I was going to puke after almost every run. It was great to ride with everyone, but I was at about my C+ game, which is pretty disappointing in an environment of such radical nature..


mike said...

future right there hell yeah

LOTUS said...

Hell ya, like the stayin low picture. Im finally going to rays this saturday, so psyched. are your garage ramps hittin?