Saturday, January 30, 2010

found videos

Just got back from another work trip (Denver). It went smooth but it's tough to be away from home and the family. I didn't take my laptop and was totally having internet withdrawals. I was checking out everything I could on my Blackjackberry and found this:

It's Dave Rhino on the flaming bridge late this fall. It was never as spectacular as we wanted it to be but this clip is pretty funny.
I also figured out why I keep pocket dialing Solan. Apparently I had assigned his number a Speed Dial location of "P" (no idea how I would have done that accidentally). P is the upper right key on the keyboard and therefore vulnerable to unintentional calls at all times of the day and night. I'm sure he and his family appreciate my discovery.
Not long after walking on the door, I was on LeastMost and ended up stumbling across this via the Metal site. I've posted this before but I still love to see it. I make a couple appearances (manual at 2:55 for one and I think that is me in the still frame you see before you click it) but more importantly it was one of the most fun and exciting BMX days of my life. It was the first "street" contest and everything going down was all new. "Street riding" is as old as the bicycle but a lot of this kind of riding was brand new. Wall rides were new to BMX (Voelker was going insanely high and doing them in both directions), a lot of the tech stuff, even manuals were just being figured out. The one I did in here was literally the third or fourth one I had ever done (not just riding down the sidewalk, but across a platform to the end). McGoo was going apeshit announcing, the music was a mix tape by Mark Lewman and all the heavies were there. Voelker won but the trick of the day was a wall-ride 540 by Craig Campbell, a trick BMX wouldn't see much of again for years. The excitement level was to the moon. It was all new and raw. I've never been to an event like it since... Much respect to Ron Wilkerson for being the renegade pioneer that he was (and still is).


JV said...

That contest footage rules! Hadn't seen that, I wish I wasn't such a pansy about riding in front of big crowds back then.

Harold McGruther said...

Remember Mad Dog's guerilla run with one graphite Tuffwheel and an open face motorcycle helmet? Punk rock. Best contest ever. Lord Voelker's wallrides were ridiculous.