Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the big ingrate

not a whole lot going on, BMX-wise. Birdland is beautifully buried and I'm anxiously anticipating spring digging. I have lots of big plans for bigger jumps and fewer quirks. I had a crazy week last week that started weird and got weirder:
8 am Monday: firetrucks at daycare
10 am Monday: missed flight due to 8 am
3 pm monday: caught a late flight to Montana after endless airline hassles
All day tuesday: Snowboarded in Montana.
Wednesday: snowboarded more
Wednesday afternoon: George from Modern MIA in Montana, last seen hours earlier snowboarding
Wednesday evening: finally get a call from George, he is in the medical clinic with two broken ribs from gnarly snowboard crash
Thursday morning: George's follow up visit reveals a punctured lung. He can't fly for two weeks!
Thursday afternoon. I fly home, delayed, of course, then drive home from the airport in a blizzard.
Friday: try to get caught up on work I missed all week
Friday afternoon. Rode my bike at Kzoo. Highlight of the week (besides seeing my family upon my return, of course).
I would sound like the biggest ingrate in the world if I complained about getting to go to Montana to snowboard (I had to do work as well), so I won't, but I am being dead honest when I say I would rather stay home and ride for a few hours at the skatepark any day....
Check out this new site if you haven't seen it already... LeastMost.com

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Sean Newton photo said...

Least Most is easily one of the best web sites in bmx right now. Glad you made it home safely.