Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not wasting these days...

It has been awesome and I'm squeezing in any chance I can get to ride. I had to go up to Grand Haven yesterday for work and a session at the empty park with Turbo Todd Britton made the trip complete.
Turbo with a sunburst table on his home turf. Toothpicks are the first grind trick I learned. Probably still my favorite.

The clock is definitely ticking on trail riding season, so Dave Rino and I decided it was time to step up to the new jump at Birdland. Only the White Lotus had hit it previously and I was un-nerved by how fast he had to go to clear it. You definitely have to haul ass, but it is so fun. You land going even faster. So stoked on Dave's table! We both ate shit a few times today (on other stuff, not this jump) and it felt great to conquer this beast.
Dave's son Olin manned up on this transfer as well. Yeah O! Happy birthday to my brother-from-another-mother Kelly Baker!

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Sean Newton photo said...

So stoked on Dave and the pic of Dave. That dude is a shredder. Good to see you've been riding. That pic of Kelly baker makes me sad. That box jump is gone. But replaced by cooler ones.