Friday, October 16, 2009

Sweet Baby Rays revisited

Sweet Baby Rays is the best barbeque sauce, bar none. So good on veggie Chik'n patties or on a swath of brotatoes, tofu and veggies. Probably great on meat, too, but I couldn't tell you.
Rays MTB park used to be great. Now it is FUCKING AWESOME!!!! But, there's good news and bad news. First, the bad news:
Yes, that's the glorious Red Bull box and yes, it is littered with MTB nonsense. I was heartbroken when I saw this. The whole outer loop with the beautiful boxes is a cross country MTB course now. I changed my tune when I rolled into the new "Jump Room", however.
These crappy photos don't do it justice. That step up on the right in the second photo is ten feet tall! Scary as hell. This layout is an engineering masterpiece. It all flows together and works so well. I barely rode anything else in the park. I just kept coming back to this. I did manage to get off course on one run and get wedged between two ramps (no easy feat, as ramps cover almost the entire room). It was sketchy and I was hauling ass. I pointed it as straight as I could, preparing for a total knuckle buster, but I did something right and didn't even touch the ramps--I did, however, rip the ends off both grips! That's was a close one. I'm glad I cut down those DK bars or I would have gotten worked.
Ain't mad about making a cameo in the new FBM Steadfast Flipbook either.


spadesandflats said...

bummer about that outer loop, but the new room looks fun as hell! cant wait to take the family there this winter!

ty_deschaine said...

Its a shame about that box huh. hopefully enough people will speak up and they will bring it back next year (crosses fingers). I do agree the new room is a lot of fun but that 90 degree hip to the right after the 7 foot box is a wrist and ankle buster. they should throw a over vert berm there.... just my opinion.