Sunday, September 13, 2009

NY pride

Whenever I'm around the FBM dudes, I get siked on Fat Bald Fire Bikes and Mayhem. Painted up the ol' Stairmaster upon our return. I also started rebuilding some jumps, inspired by Baker's Acres.
All the fun stuff from the trip is still sinking in, a week later already. Just the simplest activities were a blast. We played hide and seek one night and it was crazy. I'm not sure I've ever seen Noah so stoked. At one point, Kelly was thirty feet up in a pine tree. He finally gave himself up and said "There are so many branches I wouldn't even get hurt if I fell". Eight-year-old Benny and I said almost in unison: "I'm pretty sure you would".
More random quotes:
"Are we there yet" (Noah, just as we hit the Indiana border)
"Is my butt on fire?" (Noah in the van)
"I'll whip that dude's ass as soon as I get my make-up on" (Kelly while staring intensely into the mirror applying marker to his face).
"Puke?" (Dylan, right before puking all over the hotel room).
"You Vern Towned me" (me, a bunch of times).
"Dad, are we going to the Bakers?" (Noah, half way home).
A trip we'll never forget.

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Smitty said...

Care to give us the definition of being "Vern Towned"?