Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bob Reedy pedals

When I was 14, Bob Reedy pedals were the ultimate. Super light, trick, ultra-precision and smooth running. I wanted them so badly and they were just, works of art. I feel the same way about the new Snafu pedals McGoo just sent me.
I got to ride the Ann Arbor public trails finally. They are pretty straight-forward, but super fun. Tight and alright.
I actually got to ride two different sets of trails yesterday while out on the road, even if it were for only a half hour at each set. The long-running Jackson trails supplied me with a few hot laps and bridge leaps.
This Deliverance transparency (for burning a silk-screen) was taped to the door at Refuge skateshop yesterday. Eric Z, who owns that shop, printed some runs of Deliverance tees.
O.G. and all-time Deliverance Factory Pilot Solan Foster won all three heats and took fourth at the heavy NBL Grands a week ago. SF ended up National Number 8, which is no joke. Solan rules. You comin' out this year, bro?

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