Thursday, August 6, 2009

The knobby campaign...

I somehow ended up on the Tioga website the other day, I suppose out of hope that they might be making Comp IIIs in the jumbo 2.125 size again. They have a Comp III out now that says 2.125 but it is way smaller than the old ones and frankly, it's bogus. I was surprised to find this
I found the contact page and sent this e mail:
I am inquiring about the re-issue Comp IIIs. Will the 20 x 2.125 be the original, bigger casting or will it be the smaller size of the last few years? If it's the larger one, I assure you it will be a hit with trail riders world wide, including myself.
In the meantime, I'm flying the flag with this oldie but goodie and I guess I'll keep searching on Ebay for another--unless of course, Tioga makes these new old tires in the original rubber-baby-bumper super size.
I know lots of companies make 2.20 and even 2.25 sizes, but they are mostly more of a street tread. I recently got some of the new Duo purple wall tires and they are excellent, but I need a knobby up front for trail-doggin'. Speaking of which, Birdland is undergoing a make-over for the upcom
ing Showdown on 8/22. Two trails events in one day? Maybe so...

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jason said...

I sent an email to Tioga a year ago asking whether they would ever make the legit big CompIII's again. I didn't get any response but I hope the promo from their site and emails like the one you sent keep them motivated to come through with them.