Sunday, August 16, 2009

and now a word from our sponsor...

McGoo at SNAFU takes care of me. He always has. In 1987, when he worked at GT, he gave me a Robinson frame that was, to this day, my favorite bike ever. When Todd Britton and I started our Secret Cycles project in '88 and had our own frames made, the geometry was based on that Robinson. Anyway, here are some shots of my new kit:
Finally replacing my Odyssey Aitken seat and Jim's beam (by far the oldest parts on my bike)? Hells yeah, these shits is tight. If you're coming to the fUNBRO 500 and can get that Go Kart started, you will win a prize package from SNAFU, Deliverance and Etnies.
I already had the SNAFU (don't even think of pronouncing it "Snaf-you", it's "SNAFOO", as in "Situation Normal All Fucked Up" ) Mayweather cranks, but I just down-sized to non-racer 175mm.

Not only are these bitches light, tight and all right, they have threaded inserts that accept a crank-puller so you don't have to use a hammer to take them off. They also have extra long bolts so you can pull them on sans caveman technique.
The wife and I went to see Rollinghead last night. Bill Ferg from Kzoo is a guitarist in this legendary Kalamazoo band. It was like a crazy family reunion but it was also awesome "alsome".
Look for them on Youtube.
Six days until the fUNBRO 500. Supposed to get some rain this week which is fine. The jumps are runnin' good. Bring a tent and some High Lifes if you so desire.

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