Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I haven't listed the "now playing" thing for a long time, mostly because I haven't really been listening to anything new. My fabulous wife bought me a $30 Itunes card for Fathers day, which I spent in less than seven minutes tonight.
I got the new Wilco album. Excited to listen to that but Wilco is a band that produces entire albums that are somewhat complex and require a kind of commitment. At least that's how I feel about their most recent works prior to this one.
Another album (an EP actually--no one under 30 even knows what an EP is. ha ha) I got is Lucero front man Ben Nichols' solo offering The Last Pale Light in the West. I just listened to it and it is automatically my new most favoritist ever. I listen to Lucero every day and I never get sick of them--at all.

Lucero - Goodbye Again from Cory Williams on Vimeo.

Sorry for getting so come-upish with all the web vids.

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BCM said...

Yes, yes, good stuff.