Sunday, July 12, 2009

Best advice I ever heard...

It was Ted Van Orman at the Red Bull Grizzly jam last fall. As my just turned three son Noah and I were leaving, Ted told Noah "Have fun being a kid". Such simple sentiment, yet, so profound. Of course, it was Ted delivering the message, so it was had that extra wallop of heaviness. The Van Ormans are a pretty global group of sons at this point and their legendary 248 trails have gone the way of pre-Norse flat-world status. I never made it out there and I guess I never will now. We're keeping dirt jumping alive in the 269 and although none of the crashes were at Birdland, I am beat up from the neck down from not one, but three, wadded up, bear-trapped and on the ground crashes in the last few days. Embarrassed to admit that one was after turning on the hose in the front yard.
In case you thought I wasn't, I am still obsessed with vintage, bone MCs. Sean Newtron Bomb MC pic.

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block said...

What's with you and your need to set your yard on fire?